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Batch Ovens

   Batch Ovens

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Striko Dynarad Ingot Loader & Preheater Model RL-24R

Stock#: 2588013   Mfg: Striko Dynarad   Model: RL-24R

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BTU International VIP 70A Reflow Oven

Stock#: 1650113   Mfg: BTU International   Model: VIP 70A

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Cooley Model EL121224 Electric Furnace

Stock#: 1200412   Mfg: Cooley   Model: EL121224

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Ircon Mirage MR0Z26 20 F 10 Pyrometer

Stock#: 1207212   Mfg: Ircon Mirage   Model: MR0Z26 20 F 10


Furnace Door

Stock#: 1091812   Mfg:    Model:

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Lindberg Model 62-ADH-3000-E, 10,000 lb Batch Gas-Fired Reverb Melting Furnace

Stock#: 2105112   Mfg: Lindberg   Model: 62-ADH-4000-S

Thermolyne Model 3F1856-1 Heavy Duty Muffle Furnace

Stock#: 1202612   Mfg: Thermolyne   Model: 3F1856-1

Lindberg Gas-Fired Tilt-Top Furnace, Model 62-LE2020-L

Stock#: 1294512   Mfg: Lindberg   Model: 62-LE2020-L


G-2000 Inc.: Ovens & Furnaces inventory
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