Lasers machine and equipment from TRUMPF, MAZAK and more for sale.


Lasers Machines and Equipment

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Stock Number


2210718 2000-Watt Cincinnati Laser, Model: CL-6
1501117 3600 Watt Trumpf 7000/TO3 Tube Laser
1805318 4000-Watt Mazak Super Turbo X612 Mk-II
1805218 4000-Watt Mazak Super Turbo-X612 MkII Laser
1401916 LVD/Strippit AXEL 3015-L 4,000 Watt Laser
1402016 LVD/Strippit AXEL 3015-L 4,000 Watt Laser
1712015 Mazak Space Gear 510MKII, 4000 watt, 5' x 10' table, 6-Axis
1501219 Mazak Super Turbo-510 II Laser
1602819 Mitsubishi ML3015 LVP 4,000 Watt Laser
1310519 Trumpf 4000-Watt Laser, Model: 5030 L20
1400316 Trumpf 4,000 Watt C02 CNC Laser
1501319 Trumpf Trumatic L2530 Laser
1501419 Trumpf Trumatic L3030 Laser

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